Frequently Asked Questions About Visiting Denali

Denali National Park Visitor Center

This is the main Denali Visitor Center

The Main Denali Visitor Center has displays, movies, and a help desk. National Park Service rangers can answer your questions and give you good suggestions.

A shuttle bus at the Wilderness Access Center

The Denali Bus Depot

Catch your bus at the Denali Bus Depot. Drivers don't sell tickets. You'll have to buy your bus ticket at the desk inside.

Savage River Rest Area Cabin

The nails on the shutters of this ranger cabin keep bears from breaking in. Nails sometimes work, but big grizzlies like to use them as back scratchers.

Horseshoe Lake Water

You can fill up your water bottles at the Bus Depot. The trail to Horseshoe Lake is a nice walk. Ask for directions on how to get there. There are sometimes ranger guided hikes to the lake.

Inside the main Denali Visitor Center

You'll find interesting displays about the park, its history, animals, and the Denali ecosystem as well as a ranger help desk.

The Bus Depot

This is one place you can pick up your tickets, make campground reservations and catch your bus. It has a big parking lot with plenty of room for large RV's but you can't park here overnight.

Savage River Trailhead

Just before the bridge at Mile 15 is a rest area. On nice days, the parking lot is often full. There is a trail that goes up towards a rock formation. Always go with someone, even on an easy hike. Don't get tempted to scramble up rocky slopes or cross rivers. Stay out of thick brush.