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Denali 101 gives you impartial information about how to visit Denali Park. We tell you what the options and choices are and have a section where you can find places to eat, sleep and have adventures!

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We give it to you straight. We tell you things you need to make your trip successful. Our job is to help you find your way around so you have fun! 

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Make Your Trip To Alaska Into A Journey You'll Never Forget

Drive from Anchorage north to Fairbanks and the Far North! Denali Park is on this road to warm and sunny Fairbanks. You'll be surprised by the wildlife, adventure and history, as well as the scenery.

You'll probably find yourself in Anchorage at least once on your trip. We tell you what to see in Alaska's largest city. Then, when you head south, Bearfoot gives you a road tour of the wonderful Kenai Peninsula.

The Glenn Highway leads from Anchorage, east to an authentic part of Alaska featuring the nation's largest national park, seaside Valdez & Cordova and the history-filled towns along the Glenn, Richardson and Alaska Highways.

Bearfoot Travel Magazines

Find The Real Alaska With Bearfoot Travel Magazines.

These guides will make your trip special because they are full of History, Art, Maps, Photos, and Information. They are like meeting and traveling with an Alaskan. They are in businesses and good visitor centers all across Alaska. Pick up a full set when you pickup your luggage at the airport.

Alaska 101 Web Site

How to get around Alaska. This site shows you all the communities along the Alaska road system. It is designed to help independent travelers have a great trip.